Basic care for the cyclamen

Cyclamen is favorite perennial plant with flowers that appear from autumn to late spring, in pink,red,purple,white while there are cyclamen with two colored flowers. Ideal plant to plant in pots in gardens, in balconies, in courtyards and parks to give us its rich flowering.

What watering and lubrication requirements does the cyclamen have?

During the autumn cyclamen need regular watering. Be careful not to wet the leaves and stalks of the cyclamen when watering especially on the hot days of autumn to avoid rotting. You can water the cyclamen by placing it in a basin of water until you see the surface of the pot moisten. With regard of lubrication we recommend the addition of liquid flowering feltirizer once a month during the blooming period. Also to encourage the bloom of the plant it is important to cut the flowers that are weakening.

And a secret to the cyclamen:

Once the blossomin of cyclamen is over, the leaves turn yellow and fall as the plant enters dormancy in the summer months. We stop watering of the cyclamen and clean the rotten leaves. Then place the pot with the cyclamen in a shady place for the summer season. In the beginning of the autumn when the high summer  temperatures have past start watering it again in order for its new vegetation to emerge and to give us its new flowering.