Basic care for the orchid

Orchids are one of the most enchating flowers, with a very distinct flower and is not unfair to characterize it as <<Queen of flowers>>. The orchid is an epiphytic that is it grows in roots on other plants (such as pines) without harming it by living from the nutrients of the atmosphere. In recent years it has grown mainly in the home and is offered as a gift in interiors such as homes and offices. But how we can keep orchid in our home:

light: Orchids love light. It takes 12 to 14 hours of indirect light every day throughout the year. if the hours of the day are not enough, we place it in a space that often lights up. Be careful not to directly hit the sunlight.

water: Orchid requires poor watering (once a week). Fill the pot with water and leave the orchid for about 20 minutes. Then we remove the orchid from the pot, throw all the water and let the orchid drain. Finally we put it back in the pot. Beware most orchids can tolerate drought much better than they can tolerate excessive moisture.

ground: Since our orchid grows in pine bark, we take care to trasplant it (if necessary) into a larger pot using pine bark. If our orchid is planted in soil then it is one of a few speces that is not epiphytic and we will need special soil.